Are You Really A Nutella Addict? -Can You Imagine All This Combinations?



So you call yourself a Nutella addict? Do you always dream about Nutella? Or do you only have it with that plain old white bread? Well, it’s time to give your taste buds a whole new spin! Check out these combos below to see if you’re really an ADDICT.

1. Nutella + Chaawal
The texture of soft rice and nutty Nutella should go really well together.

2. Nutella + Paratha
This Nutella paratha should definitely be eaten with Nutella hot chocolate..YUM!

3. Nutella + Sooji
You don’t like daal or besan k ladoo? Well, Nutella ladoo it is!

4. Nutella + Cornflakes sandwich
Close your eyes, and imagine the crunch of the cornflakes when you take your first bite and the smooth texture of Nutella.. yummy right?

5. Nutella Samosa
When you desify Nutella.. Nutella samosa is born!

6. Nutella + Salted chips
Sweet and savoury really works!!!

7. Nutella + Spagettis
This is what taking Nutella to a whole new level looks like!

8. Nutella + Chicken
Forget the ranch, ketchup, and the gravy. Grab hold of a jar of Nutella!

Are you a Nutella addict? Be honest, have you ever tried these before? If you have, let us know – we here at Shughal are big fans of Nutella, and we’d love to hear your stories and recipes!