If you have allergy problems or are a vegan, then this delicious recipe for a cake is perfect for you. This is a recipe that on the surface sounds like it will be pretty bland. It contains no milk, eggs or butter. It will, however, surprise you with its lightness and flavour, and is perfect for breakfast or a snack during the day.This cake tastes delicious and is perfect for allergy sufferers

So here are the ingredients:

  • Flour 300 gram
  • Water 330 gram
  • Sugar or honey 200 gram
  • Peanut oil 90 gram
  • Baking powder one teaspoon
  • Vanilla extract I teaspoon

How to prepare the cake

The recipe, which is sometimes called ‘water cake‘ is so easy to make and takes no time at all. First, melt the sugar in the water, at room temperature. It is an important part of the recipe to make sure that the sugar is well blended before carrying on to the next stage.
When you are completely satisfied that it is a lump free solution, you can then add the oil with the flour and baking powder. Which oil is chosen is a matter of taste. There are so many you can choose, but for the best results corn or peanut oil are particularly suitable.This cake tastes delicious and is perfect for allergy sufferers

The flavouring of this particular recipe is vanilla, but this can be replaced by the zest of a lemon, orange or cocoa powder.
Grease or lightly oil a baking tin and pour in the mixture. Make sure that it is well distributed by using a spatulas or kitchen knife. Your oven should be pre-heated to 160 degrees Celsius, for a fan assisted, or 180 degrees Celsius for a static.
One of the most important parts about cake making is to make sure that the mixture is cooked through. A trick to do this is to use atoothpick. When the cake looks cooked on the outside. Put the toothpick into the mixture. If it slides out dry, then it is ready.

Remove the cake from the oven and leave it to stand and cool down. Before putting in the tin, sprinkle it with a little bit of castor sugar, or spread jam or cream, over the top. The cake without eggs and milk is now ready to be enjoyed, and you can be sure that it will disappear very quickly. This cake tastes delicious and is perfect for allergy sufferers

Variations on a theme

It is a fabulous idea to substitute sugar for honey. By doing this, you don’t need to add any flavour as the honey gives it a subtle taste that is beyond words to describe. Why not experiment with the water? Rather than plain old water, it is possible to use fruit juice like apple, pear or orange. For people that don’t particularly like sugar, then it is possible also, to sweeten this terrific cake with syrup.

For authenticity of the recipe, try not to use a food processor to do the mixing. There is no substitute here for the good old fashioned whisk.
Another variation on a theme is to add pieces of fruit, nuts or chocolate chips. If you are really feeling exotic, reach out or thegrated coconut and sprinkle it over the mixture in generous proportions.


This cake tastes delicious and is perfect for allergy sufferersThe water cake can be stored for up to three days in a tin, or wrapped up in plastic. A lot of people make two cakes and freeze one of them. For me, storage has never been a problem as the aroma attracts the rest of the family and it rarely goes past a couple of hours, without being eaten.

More variations

Once you get into the groove of cooking without milk and eggs, the world is your oyster, and you can try it out on lots of other recipes. How about apple pie or muffins?