Combine Aloe Vera With One Of This Ingredients And Feel Your New Skin – WOW Don’t Miss It!



1. If you have oily or problem skin, you should only use drying and disinfectant care products. To make such mask at home you should mix two tablespoons of minced aloe leaves pulp with one whipped egg white. Add to the mixture one teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice. Thoroughly mix it all again and apply the finished mask on the face. Wait until the mask completely dries and remove it from your face. To do this, simply wash off the mask with plain water of normal temperature.

The second recipe gives you a perfect mask that dries the skin and removes its oiliness and inflammation. This mask significantly cleanses and narrows enlarged pores and quickly heals existing defects.

2. To fight acne on oily face skin, prepare homemade lotion of calendula tincture with aloe juice. For preparation of this disinfectant and wound healing remedy you will need to mix two full tablespoons of calendula tincture with at least three tablespoons spoon pre-extracted aloe juice. Further, add to the ingredients one fourth of a cup of cool boiled water. Wipe your face (especially problem areas) with ready (carefully mixed and strained) solution daily at least twice a day.

The third popular medicine recipe is to make a cautery of aloe juice and calendula tincture (taken strictly in equal proportions).

3. This solution is considered to be very active against skin problems, it allows to dry and disinfect formed pimples. However, it is not desirable to apply it to healthy skin due to alcohol containing. This recipe provides that a cautery will be applied with cotton buds only to the inflammation-affected areas (i.e. directly on pimples).

The fourth folk remedy recipe allows helping problem skin areas with Aloe decoction.

4. Problem skin can be cleansed with a simple decoction of the aloe leaves. To prepare it pour boiling water over pre-shredded aloe leaves. Next, boil the ingredients on a steam bath for at least a quarter of hour. Then the decoction should be cooled and strained. Wipe problem areas with the resulting decoction, daily, better twice a day, and remember to clean your face first.

The fifth remedy contains white cosmetic clay together with the pulp of aloe.

5. This recipe is perfect for quick healing, cleansing and drying of pimples and inflammation removal: a mask aloe vera pulp and cosmetic clay. To make such a miraculous mask mix a tablespoon of clay (white or pink) with juice squeezed from the leaves of aloe. Mix it thoroughly and apply ready mask to cleansed skin and keep it for about fifteen minutes. Then just wash off the mask with cool water.

And probably the last home recipe with aloe is ideal for aging and fading skin or dry skin.

6. You will have to prepare a mixture of four ingredients taken in equal proportions: aloe juice and pulp, glycerol, water and oat flakes ground in a coffee-grinder. This mask has not only has anti-inflammatory but also strong anti-aging and nutrient effect.

In addition, in preparation of masks against acne, to dry the skin and reduce inflammation masks you can add different essential oils. For example, acne, grapefruit oil, tea tree oil, as well as clove oil are perfect to remove pimples. Aloe also strengthens its effect in combination with rosemary, eucalyptus, camphor or fir oils. So if you want to get rid of acne or other skin issues, periodically clean your skin with such a simple and affordable means as a tablespoon of fresh aloe juice with the addition of a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Now you do know how to properly use the juice and pulp of aloe vera in the fight against acne and pimples. Described excellent recipes really help to moisturize, nourish, soften, tone and refresh your skin. The most important thing to do for you is to correctly choose the most appropriate and the best for you recipe of a mask, lotion, decoction or other means. Stay healthy and attractive. Good luck!