Does Your Heel Hurt In The Morning Or Whenever You Stand Up? – Here’s What You Need To Know


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More than a half of people in the world suffer from foot pain, reported Healthline.

The condition that causes heel pain is called plantar fasciitis. The reasons why it condition occur are the frequent movement and weight gain, which can lead to inflammation and subsequently pain.

How you can treat plantar fasciitis?

1.Combine stretching and relaxation techniques .
2. Seated exercises
People suffering of this condition can practice this form of exercises because they are easy to done and don’t need a big effort and movement that will increase the pain.

Those simple exercises are:
Rolling the foot over a tennis ball or bottle for about 60 seconds
Cross one over the other leg and then pull the big toe upwards. Keep this position 15 seconds, and repeat it 3 times, with a little relaxation between. Do it with the other leg.

Put the foot on a towel and stretch the foot in front by pulling upwards on the towel. Stay in this position about 30 seconds, repeat it 3 times, and do the same with the other foot.

The calf stretching exercises
> Extend leg in a lunge-like motion and stay in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise 3 times and the same with the other leg.

How to prevent Plantar Fasciitis?

  • By stretching
  • Keeping a regular healthy weight, to avoid the pressure on the feet
  • Regular exercises – keep yourself fit and healthy
  • Wear the proper foot wear
  • Walk barefoot
  • Allow your feet to rest in a free time and during the exercises,
  • Make sure that you warm up before exercises and gradually increase the effort during the exercises (start with easier).

Following the advices a above you will avoid chances for any inflammation or pain in your feet. If some exercises are not helpful, try with the others and watch on your diet. If there is no a progress or it became worse it is better to see a doctor.