Amazing! Eat Garlic and Honey On a EMPTY Stomach For 7 Days… This Is WHAT Happens To The Body – WOW!



The benefits of eating garlic and honey in food and different combinations has long been documented in a variety of ways and their health-promoting properties detailed almost endlessly. But what is the best way to eat garlic and honey as part of your usual daily diet and what happens when you do?


Healing properties

The garlic lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, prevents heart disease as well as it is a remedy for the common cold, flu, diarrhoea, insect bites and others.

But is it true?

Louis Pasteur confirmed the anti-bacterial properties of garlic in 1858.

By 1500bc the Egyptians had identified no less than 22 different positive benefits of using garlic.
Individual experience will prove hugely variable when it comes to bearing out the truth of claims regarding the healing and health properties of garlic; some will claim it is a ‘cure all’ others will say it makes no difference. But there is a wealth of research and cummulative experience that bears out the super-health properties of garlic.

Garlic and honey magic

The Maxdiaries’s article promotes the use of garlic raw and goes on to suggest that using it in combination with honey has hugely beneficial effects upon health. The idea behind using it raw is that the heat used in cooking it affects and reduces the positive effects of allicin, a sulfur compound that is the active ingredient in garlic.


Crushing or chewing garlic produces allicin and this in turn produces other sulfur compounds such as ajoene, which is associated with anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal benefits, and allyl sulfides which are considered important in reducing the risks of certain diseases. It is also full of vitamin C.
Using garlic raw after crushing it increases the bioavailability of that all important allicin

The proof is in the using

The maxdiaries article promotes using garlic before eating or drinking anything as a full stomach will not absorb all of the valuable nutrients available, so get the garlic in first!
It is also recommended that garlic is used with honey. The internet is buzzing with descriptions of how garlic infused with honey has been proven to be a tasty way of getting healthy doses of both to boost the immune system, which can’t be a bad thing.


The World Health Organization recommends the use of honey for coughsin developing countries; it possesses anti-bacterial andantiseptic properties.
Combining garlic and honey could be a great way to combine two wonderful health-promoting natural foodstuffs. A huge benefit of using garlic with honey is that the honey will help to reduce the odorous effects of eating raw garlic.


Try it and see! It could be that daily use of garlic and honey will have a beneficial effect upon your health and the Maxdiaries’s article promotes using it before you take any other food. So it could be that eating garlic and honey on an empty stomach for a week might have a very positive effect upon your health.


Look around the internet and study the various sites and comments offering advice about the use of garlic and honey. Make sure you look into possible side effects and downsides and be careful to monitor how your body is reacting to your change in diet.