INCREDIBLE: Embarrassed Woman Leaves Toilet $3.3 Million Richer!


Like many other people these days, Irene, was browsing the web from her iPhone while sitting on the toilet, when suddenly, she came across an offer that made her curious.


Irene, 28, from Hamilton was visiting her mum with some friends. When they left she was a little bored so she started to browse the web and checkout her facebook wall.

“It’s a little bit embarrassing to face it, but I use to take my phone when I go to the washroom.” Irene said.

When she was browsing her phone on the toilet, she came across a post from her best friend Christie, linking to an application form for a popular TV quiz show. She signed up and did not think about it any further.

Until three weeks later, when Irene was actually invited to participate in the show.

“I was surprised and a bit scared. I’ve never been on TV, and the prize if I would win against the others on the show was in the millions”.

Despite her fear, she proved to be the smartest in the room this day, winning the jackpot of $3.3 million. But then the embarrassing thing happened. While the host interviewed her about how she ended up on the show, the embarrassing turth of her toilet signup slipped.

“I wish I would have vanished into the ground” she says, “On national TV I’m caught with my toilet browsing habit.”

We’re sure her jackpot winning will help her overcome the embarrassment. Irene told us she is now going to travel, and already booked a trip on a cruise ship.