It Looks Like An Old Rotten Tree Trunk… But Looking Closer Reveals Something Mind Blowing!

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Hey buddy, that’s one gigantic tree trunk… but why is it behind red tape? It looks like it’s all old and rotting with all that funny texture going on. Come closer, you say? Sure… wait… HOLY COW. So apparently this isn’t just a gigantic tree trunk lying around in a gallery. Artist Zheng Chunhui has created a piece called “Along The River During The Quinming Festival” and it seems as though he was on a mission to blow everyone’s mind. Take a look at the photos below and try to imagine the incredible skill and dedication required to create something like this…

Nice tree, buddy… 40-feet long? Pretty impressive! You want me to look closer? Okay…


Um… WHAT!?


Okay, so it turns out this is a a wooded carved sculpture. Made with a single tree trunk, it has been recognized as the world’s longest wood carving by the Guinness Book of World Records.


The sculpture contains over 550 individually carved people. Not to mention all the buildings and foliage…

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