Man Posts Snapchat Of Himself With Expensive Gear, Gets Robbed Hours Later


New Zealand native Jake Williamson was robbed last Friday following an excessive display of his newfoud wealth on the social media app Snapchat. He claims his actions were justified as he was simply “calling out the haters.”

After winning money from a popular TV show, he admits to getting a little carried away with his spending and a little boastful about his purchases.

“Some people, take things to extremes and I don’t care if people sympathize with me, but no one should be robbed” says Jake.


Rather than putting his new wealth to good use, he decided to “show the haters and doubters how wrong they are”. His plan would ultimately backfire.

After spending over $25,000 on goods at Louis Vuitton, he proceeded to showcase his vast collection of “amazing swag” on social media.

His Snapchat photos alone were enough to enrage his so-called friends and neighbors due to the extravagance of the items and his comments.

He might have gotten away with his boastful photos if it hadn’t been for the caption: “come get me peasants”. Peasant or not, somebody turned up to Mr Williams’ apartment just a few hours later – while he was out partying at a local club – and robbed him of his new possessions.

It appears draping yourself in the most expensive Louis Vuitton in the world may give you swag, but still doesn’t prevent you from being an idiot.