Never Pay For Cable Or Subscriptions Again? This Device Allows You To Watch Anything For Free


With over 1.5 million units sold worldwide, this is the best solution to watch your favorite movies and shows for free! We all know how frustrating overpriced cable bills and subscription services can be.

You pay for cable, Netflix, movies and sports on demand… it adds up. And of course there is all this hardware. Your receiver, AppleTV or Firesticks, DVD Player and often expensive Smart TVs.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more people are searching for cheaper, simpler solutions to cut cable bills and get rid of all the hardware.

Thankfully, there is a solution. A Netherland-based startup company has come up with a new innovative and inexpensive gadget that is changing the way people consume media.

What is it?

It’s called TVFrog. It is a state-of-the-art Home Theater box that can be easily connected to any TV. It comes with everything already installed and is up and running within minutes. No technical know-how needed.

It’s easy! Just connect TVFrog with any TV or monitor your have. All cables are included in the package. Press the power button and done.

Before getting too excited, TV Frog is not a magical device. It does allow to add Smart TV functions to any TV, allowing you to watch Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and more. However it does not provide cable channel access on it’s own.

But how can you watch TV for free then? The secret to that is an additional app called KODI. The TVFrog technology searches the internet where it will locate and stream, virtually any television show, hollywood movie, or live sports event you want to watch without having to worry about paying rental fees or monthly subscriptions.

You can even tune into live television 24/7 including virtually all the channels you get from your local cable company and hundreds more from all over the world.

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