Nurse Hits The Ceiling After Winning $362,259 During Night Shift


Diane Crange of Wellington was a nurse at the Regional Hospital, struggling to make ends meet. With an unemployed husband, two young children and debts, the desperate woman couldn’t imagine that some day her life will change for good.

In between the continuous monitoring of the young patients throughout the night, Diane took her phone, willing to check her Facebook profile. She noticed an ad of the online gaming site.


“I don’t usually trust such sites but this time it was different – I had a strange feeling, urging me to try my hand.” Diane confessed to our reporter. She checked the website and saw that they have a campaign, offering a free chance to win their jackpot.

After 9 difficult years as a nurse, with an almost constantly unemployed husband and two kids, Diane has been living from salary to salary, taking additional work whenever possible. “Every time some unexpected expenses came up, that was wrecking our family budget. I felt incapable to handle it. That’s how our debts started increasing year after year”, Diane explained.

But two weeks ago, during her night shift, Diane got rid of her bad luck. With nothing to lose and 15 minutes of her break, she took her chance and against all odds won the jackpot.

The lucky spin, with which Diane won the jackpot of “Game”, helped her cash out on $362,259 in few seconds. Winning over 30 times her annual salary meant that all the financial troubles of her family will disappear.

“It’s incredible! I’ve never been lucky in life and at first I couldn’t believe what’s going on!” Diane exclaimed. “I thought that I was dreaming. Then I saw the $362,259 number next to my name and I believed that my dreams for a better life will come true.”