OMG! This Oil is the Best Remedy for the Painful Menstruation, Used for Thousands of Years! – You Need To Try This RECIPE


te menstruacion

Since the women have existed, there were also PMS and painful menstrual cramps. But, do you know what our ancestor benefited from painkillers at a time when there was no possibility to go to the drugstore and buy finished products?

Once upon a time, there were no painkillers, but people have relied on folk medicine to reduce pain. It also happened with the women, who have, from generation to generation, passed an ancient recipe for the alleviating painful menstruation.

Many Investigations has shown that cramps during menstruation had almost 50 percent of women, of which 10 percent experienced pain that are so strong, that’s why many of them were unable to perform normal daily activities.
While painkillers solve this problem within half an hour, natural products are not as fast, but can be equally effective. Thereby are far healthier, without any negative effects on the stomach and on the body.

One of the oldest recipes against menstrual pain, and other unpleasant problems such as indigestion, arthritis and poor circulation, are coverings with castor oil.
Castor oil is used to treat pain and inflammation even in ancient Egypt and Greece. When combined with the heat, it is activated and penetrates skin to a maximum relaxes nerves and muscles and thus reduces spasms and pain.

You will need:

  • Castor oil
  •  Hot water bottle
  • Thinner towel or cotton cloth


  1. 1st Spread castor oil on the lower back (the area of the stomach and ovaries) in a thicker layer.
  2. 2nd Lie on your stomach, back and forth the part of the cover with a thin towel or cotton cloth.
  3. 3rd Warm water bottle put on a towel and let it act for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. 4th Remove the water bottle from the back and, if necessary, leave a towel to the skin absorbs almost all the oil.

– Compress place exclusively on back, because the heat from the hot water bottles may be too aggressive for the ovaries.
– The oil can lubricate also on the stomach, but then warm the stomach only with a towel and a blanket, no water bottles, and let it act for 30 to 45 minutes.
– If you plan to put a hot water bottle still on the stomach, it should not be too hot, but just pleasantly lukewarm