People Who Cry A Lot Aren´t Weak -They´re Emotionally Strong And Healthy



Crying is often thought of as a weakness. As a culture obsessed with strength and achievement, we don’t want to show that we’re vulnerable. But people who cry a lot are putting themselves out there, and that takes strength. Only the mentally tough show the world what they care about and what they’re upset over. In fact, ‘cry babies’ have got a lot of things right.

#1. They are physically healthy.

Turns out crying makes for a healthier, stronger body. Holding emotions in can cause a lot of mental distress. And stress that isn’t dealt with can increase the risk of all sorts of physical problems affecting everything from the heart to the skin. Crying also lowers cholesterol levels and decreases the nasty chemicals in the body that lead to anxiety.

#2. They are willing to hurt in order to feel good again.

When you cry, it shows you’ve allowed yourself to feel something that is uncomfortable. It might be painful or difficult to handle but you confront it head on. The tears are like a release gauge and as soon as they are shed you feel emotional relief. This is backed by science, too: people’s mood has been shown to routinely improve after a good cry.

#3. They are brave.

Showing vulnerability takes serious bravery. Crying in front of others is like an invitation to your heart and there’s a risk that leaving yourself open that way can hurt. You could be judged or belittled or you can be accepted and become closer to the person you exposed yourself to. Without risk, there is no reward.

#4. They don’t let words go unsaid.

If you’re open with your emotions, you’re the perfect person to head an intervention. People who cry easily are often good communicators. They’re sensitive to other people’s emotions and can talk without shaming and blaming. They’re courageous when it comes to opening up no matter what the topic is.

#5. They aren’t afraid to try in difficult situations.

During times of stress, emotional pain or anger, it’s much easier to shut down. While it may seem like the strong thing to do, leaving yourself open for the potential hurt is where true strength lies. People who cry in difficult situations are putting their heart out there at a time it doesn’t feel right to do so. The reward for doing this is the opportunity to experience a deep connection with others.

#6. They live authentically.

People who are willing to be vulnerable, feel emotion and cry it out, are also able to feel the full joy of life and open up to positive experiences. If you’re willing to cry out loud, you’re just as willing to laugh out loud. To show others that your life can be a bit messy from time to time is gutsy and also highly realistic.

#7. They have a great sense of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is something that takes time and practice. When you take the time to cry, it’s a good sign that you’re listening to your inner guide. You have a better handle on what’s going on in your mind and understanding your emotions. When you’re in touch with your emotions, you have the tools to figure what you want in life.