This Man Was Caught In The Room Of This Poor Old Dying Lady


What would you do if you get in chuck’s shoes when he visited his dying mother in a hospice? There he witnessed something unbelievable. When he entered his mother’s room she was lying on the bed helpless and a male nurse was staying above her. What he was doing is mind-blowing.

Whenever you turn on the TV, or you open up a newspaper you stumble upon the gruesome reality in which we live in. Killings, rape, terrorism, dirty cops, careless medical workers, all of which cause misery and desperation, those are just a small fraction of the news you can encounter every single day. This is quite enough to make you doubt if there is still anything pure and good left in the world. Well this story will remind you that people are inherently good and prone to look after each other. Watching this video will make you cry and smile at the same time and will make you hope, that one day a person will do the same to you, as this male nurse did to this poor dying woman.

The story begins in a nice afternoon, when chuck decided to go to the hospice, where his mother was spending her last days on earth. He had gone to visit her every single day and today was nothing special at first glance. He entered the same building, went to the same floor but when he entered the same room he did all those times before, it felt a bit different. There he stumbled upon a young male nurse standing next to his mother head. When he saw what he was doing his eyes filled with tears and he became speechless. He couldn’t have said anything, the only thing he managed to do is to take out his cell phone and record this unbelievable nurse.

Mary, Chuck’s mom, was admitted to Austinburg Rehab & Nursing Center in Austinburg, OH to get a much needed medical supervision during her last days on Earth. Everyone knew that this would be her last home. Joshua Woodard was a hospice aide in the same Center. He knew Mary since she was his vocal coach when he was 9 years old. Joshua instantly recognized his old tutor and every time he was on shift he took several minutes more next to Mary just to serenade her with her favorite songs.

When her son entered the room this fateful afternoon he saw Joshua staying next to his mother’s bed and singing “How Great Thou Art”. Although Mary was barely moving it was visible that she was enjoying this spectacular moment, this concert, made just for her.

This is breathtaking moment everyone MUST see:

Watching this you will see that there is still some good people in the world. This video made the whole world cry and hope, that there are a lot more people in the world like Joshua.

Share this amazing moment with your friends and family and let them be a part of this heartwarming emotion that you are no doubt experiencing right now.