Sister kills stepbrother for putting 5.6 million dollars in her college fund!


Lindsey was a promising student ready to go to college, when she noticed her stepbrother was using her college fund bank account to enter a casino. In this one moment she made one fatal mistake, she will regret the rest of her life.


Lindsey was on the top of her class, ready to go to college. In just a few months she would have gone to study law in a prestigious university. She, her mom and her stepdad had been saving money for over five years, so that her dream could be fulfilled. Just in a few seconds her future had changed forever. In a brief moment of clouded judgement her life was turned upside down and there was no coming back.

One day as Lindsey came back from school she noticed her stepbrother’s computer was on the living room table. Frank was still living with them, despite being 26 years old. The schoolgirl looked at the monitor and saw an opened online casino website. She knew her stepbrother liked to gamble, so this was not something unusual. What made her go mad was a piece of paper right next to the laptop. On it she recognized the number of the bank account that her college fund was in.


Frank was using the money she was saving for 5 years to gamble, she thought. Lindsey was furious. Something has clicked and she wasn’t the nice schoolgirl everyone knew anymore. The mad girl went to the kitchen to find her brother smiling and eating a sandwich. Lindsey grabbed a knife and put it through her stepbrother’s heart. Frank collapsed on the floor. Seconds later her stepfather entered and immediately called the police.

“She was standing over his body with a bloody knife yelling “Why did you stole my money, you bastard”, the grieving father said. He explained that his son was playing in an online casino he won the grand jackpot of $ 5.6 million. “He was so excited. Frank came to me and started hugging me. He told me he’d become a millionaire. He offered to transfer a large amount of the money to Lindsey’s account, so that she could have the college experience she deserves. I wrote the account on a piece of paper and immediately called my wife to tell her the good news”, the father was quoted saying. “Just seconds later I heard Lindsey yelling”, he added through tears.

Now instead of going to college, Lindsey is going to serve a 30 to life sentence in a federal prison.