They Brought This Cat Home When He Was Tiny, But When They Saw His Eyes… OMG



They says that eyes are the windows to the soul, and we can often find ourselves gazing into those of another. This increases the bonds between people and shows a level of trust that cannot be found or demonstrated in any other way. But once you meet this cat, you won’t be able to pull your eyes away.

Meet Coby, the cat with the prettiest eyes in the world. Don’t believe us? Look at these photos of him yourself. Those sky blue eyes are perfectly surrounded by his stark white fur, giving him the visage of an angel.


He is a fluffy British shorthair who was taken in by his family when he was just a fluffy kitten. But he’s not just the sum of his good looks. He also has a big personality to match.


He loves eating tuna, and is known for stealing the covers from humans so that he can be snuggly and warm. Look at those beautiful blue eyes!


He was even more adorable as a kitten, with those chubby cheeks and stumpy limbs that added to his cute factor.


And when he’s ready to play, you’ll know. The first thing you’ll see before he strikes are those beautiful blues heading right towards you.


But even though he’s all grown up, he’s always interested in a game of tummy rubs. Let’s hope that gentle face isn’t a mask for something sinister.


Coby isn’t without his goofy side, either. He knows how to make his fur parents laugh when the time is right.


But nothing can beat just sitting there and gazing into those gorgeous eyes all day long.


Coby must be excellent and hide and seek, as he blends so well with the bed sheets around him, it can be hard to pick him out.


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