This Adorable One-Horned Sheep Totally Looks Like An Unicorn


We already know that real-life “unicorns” once roamed the Earth (in the form of a gigantic, prehistoric, furry rhinoceros), but to find the closest thing to the magical creatures today, you’d have to travel to a farm in Bristol, England.

There you’d find Peanut, a curious-looking sheep who has been drawing large crowds to the farm for years. What makes Peanut so unusual is her single solitary horn, which sticks straight up out of her head.

Not quite a unicorn but a ewe-nicorn, if you like.

Peanut hasn’t always looked so sheepish. She got her “unicorn” look during a trip to a local school in her younger days. A student who volunteered to help put her away unintentionally snapped off one of her horns.