This video of a pilot flying with his 5yo brother will melt your heart


VIDEO STILL: Michael Mcmahon YouTube. | Robbie first flight (William Syndrome), April 10 2016.

A video of a young pilot taking his 5-year-old brother for his first plane ride is going viral online and melting heart across the globe.

Pilot Michael McMahon explains in the video posted to YouTube that his young brother Robbie has Williams syndrome, which is a rare neurodevelopmental disorder that affects 1 in 10,000 people worldwide.

“My brother Robbie has Williams syndrome and I had the honor of taking him flying which was a massive thing for Robbie,” the caption of the video reads.

Since being posted on April 10, the footage has had more than 97,000 views and hundreds of comments.

“Robbie is very cute, and has an awesome big brother. And thanks to you, I’ve learned a lot about William syndrome, thank you for that,” one viewer wrote.