Unbelievable Footage of Man Confronting Woman Who Stole Dog… Can You Imagine?



Thank God for security cameras.

It was an ordinary day in a Canadian suburb when the unbelievable happened. A family returned to their home to find their German Shepard Dog, Partner, missing.

Even more unbelievable is the footage the family’s security cameras caught of a woman breaking into their house and stealing the dog. The video below starts out showing the eerie moments the woman stalked outside their home, waited for them to leave, and then return with a man to break in and take the family’s beloved pet.

The woman first noticed Partner when he was tied up outside their home. The family then brought the dog inside and left for the day. The video showed the same woman comes back, seemingly inspecting the house, and eventually returns with another man. Neil Haskett and his wife Tabatha believe they broke in through the front window. The footage goes on to show the woman and the man walking away from the home with Partner attached to a leash.

According to Northern Life, Neil said he didn’t find anything else missing from his home. Shortly after the disappearance, the family posted photos to their Facebook pages asking if anyone had seen their dog. It wasn’t long before multiple people responded saying they had seen Partner being walked in the “hospital area.”

Later that night, Neil, his wife, and their four children were driving around areas where people had claimed to see Partner, and sure enough, there he was with the woman who stole him.

A cell phone video shows the emotional moments when Neil runs up to the woman and confronts her about his dog. In the video, you can hear Neil saying, “That’s our dog. We’re calling the police. Call the police.”

“He was shaved almost completely, bald,” Neil said, “His head wasn’t shaved and his tail wasn’t shaved, but all the rest of his long hair was completely shaven off,” Neil said in the video.

The woman refutes Neil by saying she got him from Pet Save. Eventually, the police bring Partner to the family’s vet who confirms that it is indeed Partner. The family was able to bring Partner home later that night.

“He wasn’t gone very long, but it was a very emotional homecoming,” Neil said.

The woman was arrested and charged with breaking and entering, theft, and possession of property obtained by crime and mischief. Police have not released the identity of the woman, but social media users identified her as Heather Zeffer.

Source: Northern Life