What Would Happend If A North Korean Nuclear Bomb Hit Los Angeles



Nearly 60,000 people could be killed if a North Korean nuclear bomb was detonated in central Los Angeles, a computer programme has estimated.

The website Nukemap predicts a blast from a 10 kiloton hydrogen bomb detonated at Los Angeles City Hall could kill 90% of people within a 1.5 km radius of the building.

Earlier this month, North Korea drew condemnation from the international community after it claimed it had successfully carried out a 10kt hydrogen bomb test.

In a mock up of a similar nuclear explosion, the website calculates anyone within 0.07 km of the blast would be obliterated by a nuclear fireball.

Many of California’s most historic buildings, including Bradbury Building and Walt Disney Concert Hall, would be razed to the ground, while anyone lucky enough to survive the blast would have between a 50 to 90% chance of death from radiation.

The nuclear blast would kill an estimated 60,000 people, the computer programme predicts

Alex Wellerstein, a historian of science at the Stevens Institute of Technology, created the website, which says that it could take anywhere between several hours to several weeks for victims to die from the radiation dose.

It predicts the fallout could leave more than 140,000 people with severe injuries including “painless” third degree burns that “destroy the pain nerves” and cause scaring, disablement and amputation.

Experts have cast doubt over North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, saying the seismic activity caused by the blast indicated a smaller explosive.

But the destruction could be considerably worse if a larger bomb was detonated – as these disturbing Nukemap predications show.