He Dragged His 64-Year Old Wife On The Floor And No One Intervened


This man drags his wife around the floor and no one steps in. This has been going on for more than 45 years ever since they got married in 1970. Many times this happened in front of dozens of people, but the result is the same, no one dares to intervene. This time though it was caught on camera and the couple went viral.
Fortunately this story is not about domestic abuse, but about the young hearts of two elderly people, who love dancing. 70-year old Dietmar Ehrentraut and his 64-year old Nellia love Boogie Woodie and have been dancing to the rhythm ever since the 60s. In 1970 they got married and ever since Dietmar quotes the same Beatles song “How could I dance with another, since I saw her standing there”. Now they are more astonishing than ever.

The elderly couple had taken part in a dancing competition in Bavaria several weeks ago and came up with a routine to the “The Refreshments” song “Down the Road Apiece”. The originally born in Austria couple didn’t even realized that they were filmed during the competition and still they haven’t seen their incredible video which made millions around the word envy their young spirits, their skills and their joyfulness. Although they have been dancing for decades and have won several competitions in Germany and Austria, never before were they so prized and adored.

When the presenter of the competition called upon the stage an elderly couple no one suspected what was about to happen. Some of the audience members even giggled when they saw the couple standing on the dance floor. But once the boogie started, and the elderly couple started their routine, everyone was stunned. In a matter of seconds the spectators started clapping, and as the first more complex figure was executed perfectly everyone was shouting.

The most astonishing thing about this couple is that even in their twilight days they have the spirit many young people already had lost forever. The joy of Dietmar and Nellia can be felt through every step they take, their abilities are breathtaking and their impact on the spectators, no matter if they were in the hall or in front of their screens, is just incredible. This can be seen by the reaction of the public in the last minute of their dance. It’s simply indescribable, you must see it

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