WOW! Eat 2 Black-Spotted Bananas per day for a month and see what happen to your body


This tropical fruit is one of the most popular fruits on the planet. According to statistics, around 96% of American families buy this fruit at least once a month, and an average consumer eats about 27 pounds of bananas per year.

Aside from their yummy and sweet taste, bananas provide a wide array of nutrients which improve your health on many levels. They are the perfect super-food that gives us energy, makes us feel full longer and provides our body with the essential nutrients it needs for proper function. For one thing, bananas are abundant in fiber, vitamins and natural sugars like fructose and sucrose. Bananas also pack high amounts of catechin and dopamine, both of which are powerful antioxidants.

If You Eat 2 Black-Spotted Bananas Per Day For A Month, This Will Happen To Your Body!

What most people don’t know is that ripe bananas provide more health benefits than unripe ones. Research has revealed that ripe, black-spotted bananas can even fight cancer.

Japanese researchers have proven that ripe bananas [help] fight cancer. As your banana ripens, its antioxidant levels rise, strengthening your immune system and increasing your white blood cells!

In fact, ripe bananas are eight times as effective as their younger green siblings when it comes to elevating the cancer-fighting potential of white blood cells.”

This is what happens to your body if you consume two ripe bananas on a regular daily basis for a month:

1# Improved Digestion

Bananas are easily digestible, which makes them the perfect choice if dealing with constipation, diarrhea and heartburn. In very rare cases (1% to be more specific), bananas can aggravate acid reflux symptoms in those suffering from this condition.

2# Diabetes control

Abundant in vitamin C, potassium and fiber, bananas are the ideal food for diabetics. To be more specific, fiber-rich diet improves insulin levels, which is exactly what bananas do. However, have in mind that bananas also contain a lot of carbohydrates.

3# Heart Health

Owing to the health-boosting nutrients they contain, such as vitamin C, potassium, fiber and vitamin B6, bananas are extremely beneficial for your cardiovascular health. According to research, potassium intake of 4,000mg on a daily basis lowers the risk of an ischemic heart disease by half, compared to 1,000mg only. Plus, this tropical fruit reduces the risk of stroke too.

4# Reduced Blood Pressure

Potassium is highly beneficial for reducing high blood pressure because this mineral maintains sodium balance in the body. In fact, the human body depends on balanced potassium and sodium levels in order to keep blood pressure under control.

5# Enhanced memory and mood

Bananas might be the world’s most perfect brain food. By supplying nutrients essential for proper neurological functioning, bananas help the brain regulate mood and appetite while also supporting important cognitive functions like focus and memory.”
Via Healthy Food House