YUCK! Maid Mix URINE With Family Food For “Higher Salary”



A housemaid is on trial in Sharjah on charges of mixing her urine with the drinks and food she prepared for her employing family.

The complainant, an Emirati lawyer, said the family had appointed the maid three months ago. She said she got sick after consuming food from her home.

According to doctors, she had bacterial infection after consuming the food. The maid was arrested a week later.

The complaint’s mother had prepared the food herself. On the day, however, she had a fight with the maid. The maid said she wanted to leave.

“My mother found a bottle that contained a liquid in her room. When my mother dared her to drink it when she said it was a drink.

“She then told it was urine and she urinated in the bottle as she was too scared to go to the bathroom at night.”

The maid was charged with endangering people’s lives on Wednesday. She denied the charges filed by her employer, the Khaleej Times reported.

However, she confessed to the police that she had been routinely pouring urine in the family’s food and drinks.

She claimed that according to beliefs in her country, one could control the family by doing so and she did to for a higher salary.

However, during the court hearing the maid denied the accusation and said she urinated in the bottle as she was scared to go to the bathroom, Al Bayan Arabic language daily reported.

The lawyer then told the judge that the toilet is just close to her room in two metre distance. She said that there are five other maids living in the room with her and she could take one of them is she was so scared to go alone.

The judge adjourned the case to the end of May.